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Beginning in May and ending in October, we will maintain the proper height of grass for your lawn with approximately 26 cuts through the season. The frequency of mowing will vary according to the weather prior to mowing.

*** Any homeowner toys, tools, etc. will be moved in order to mow, but we are NOT responsible for any damage to such items. It is the homeowner’s responsibility to have their property free of such items prior to each service visit***

All turf areas shall be mowed with a zero-turn-mower. Trimming all areas not accessible by mowers, including all trees, garden beds, walls, fence lines, walkways, telephone poles, etc. shall be weed whipped to maintain a sharp and neat appearance.

Edging all sidewalks, curbline, walkways and driveway areas within the property will be edged as needed to maintain a sharp appearance.

Lawn clippings all driveway, deck, curb, patio, sidewalk and walkway areas shall be blown clean after each mowing session.